ROGER ROBINSON is Professor of Retrospective Studies at The University of Rutland. His special interest is Disco Music. Did you know that Disco was actually created in Britain? Roger did. Click on the link to watch him in action!

KAI KOOPERONI is an ex-footballer turned Entrepreneur/ Self-Starter. He will show you how self belief can take you all the way to the premier league - and back!

MAJOR GRIPES is leader of The Rebel Army. After abandoning his wife and children, he decided to devote his life to rebellion and has never looked back. He has a five point plan that will free you from all your material posessions. Click on the picture to watch!

Welcome to the first Diversity Decision Commission meeting, here to recalibrate the message of Dr King. He had a dream, that one day this land would be filled with glorious quotas! Amen.